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Let us help you put more kick into your email. Your subscription to BrandBASE includes having us create six email messages. We’ll work with you to punch up your value proposition, identifying key prospect “pain points” and crafting black belt-worthy email content.


The goal of your initial email is to do two things and only two things: qualify the prospect and get a response. It is not meant to sell. You’ll have that chance only if the prospect agrees they have a problem you may be able to fix and you get a commitment for next steps. Each message should touch on a distinct issue or “pain point” in the industry and how your solution may be of value.

After a series of 6-8 emails, send an email that gives the recipient an “out” then ask for a referral to someone else in their organization. This is an extremely effective technique.

Spam filters have become highly restrictive. Never use email services such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. Take advantage of “cold” email services such as Mailshake, Outreach or Outplay.


  1. Keep content under 200 words – prospects read emails on their iPhone.
  2. Don’t include graphics/attachments (see above)
  3. Never introduce yourself in the first sentence (your contact information is in the signature) or use a trite platitude (I hope your day and week are going well!).
  4. Don’t use punctuation in the subject line – it’s a spam filter catcher.
  5. Avoid using questions – it’s lazy writing; rather, use a statement that speaks about an issue in the industry.
  6. Do not use phrases like “feel free” or “don’t hesitate” as a prompt for a response as if you’re doing a big favor – if a prospect has a problem and is ready to commit to a call, they will respond.
  7. Do not mention how long you’ve been in business, any awards you received, or drop names of clients – it’s not relevant.
  8. Never, ever, ever beg for a meeting (e.g. “we’d love to meet with you…”). It’s really pathetic.
  9. Do not include any links in the first email. Links can cause your email to get flagged for spam. Going out the first time without any links is like a Trojan Horse that helps sneak by the spam filters.
  10. Do include a link to relevant content in subsequent emails – your site, video, whitepaper – it allows you to track “clickers.” Prospects that engage your content warrant further attention. Consider including just one link in your emails.


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