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What does BrandBASE cover?

BrandBASE covers ONLY the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG/FMCG) manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. This includes branded products sold in food and drug channels: supermarkets and drug stores plus convenience stores, health food, mass merchandisers and big-box retailers. it includes the big multinational corporations, mid-level companies, regional, emerging companies and even start -ups.

To be included in BrandBASE, the brand MUST have retail distribution. BrandBASE does not cover brands sold via multi-level marketing, E-commerce only or at proprietary retail locations.

BrandBASE includes these classes: Food and Beverage, HBA (Health & Beauty Aids), DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Household, Beer, Wine and Liquor, Pet, Tobacco/E-cigarettes.

Who's in BrandBASE?

BrandBASE focuses on marketing and brand management decision-makers. It includes the top executives such as CMO, VP Marketing and director level. But the real power of BrandBASE is our depth. We drill down to the brand/product manager level – these are people that make the day-to-day decisions and have budgets to spend.

It also covers headquarter sales plus the regional sales offices that service key retailers such as Walmart, Target and Kroger.

BrandBASE includes C-level, category management, finance, innovation, marketing research, promotion, packaging design, purchasing, shopper marketing titles and much more.

What information is in BrandBASE?

BrandBASE covers three areas: Companies, Contacts and Brands. Company information includes the physical address, main phone number and web site address, plus a comprehensive list of all the brands the company controls. Companies are broken out into four U.S. regions (Northeast, Southeast, Central, West) and Canada. Subsidiary companies are indicated when applicable.

BrandBASE is conveniently broken out into three tiers by revenue:
Tier 1 – above US$1B
Tier 2 – US$100MM to US$1B
Tier 3 – below US$100MM

Contact information includes full name, title, department, email address, direct dial or extension. Brand assignment is indicated when this information is available.

Brand information includes the broad class (e.g. HBA), group (e.g. Oral Hygiene) and specific category (e.g. Toothpaste).

How do I run a search?

Find what you need in seconds. Searches can be run either by Company, Contact or Brand. Whatever you choose, a screen appears with a number of search fields. Populate the fields with what you’re looking for and BrandBASE creates a list of the results.

Looking for food and beverage marketing contacts in Illinois? No problem. Curious about how many brands are in the vodka category? Go right ahead.

How is BrandBASE maintained?

The Consumer Packaged Goods industry is best described in one word: volatile. Key executives are moving around constantly, brands are being bought and sold, companies are merging or getting acquired. Some are just getting off the ground. BrandBASE is a highly curated database maintained by a team of dedicated researchers. Our team makes the phone calls, gets past voice mail, scours leading trade publications, sifts through corporate web sites and mines various online resources. We do-whatever-it-takes to get the best available information on the CPG industry.


Can I download data from BrandBASE?

Yes. BrandBASE allows for low volume email and traditional mailings from your office. Contact information from BrandBASE can be downloaded as a .csv or .txt file and then imported into virtually any CRM solution such as Salesforce or Hubspot.

Downloads are limited to blocks of up to 250 contacts and capped at 5,000 contacts for the duration of the subscription period.
Tip: Never, ever, ever, ever run a campaign using Gmail! It’s the biggest blocker of all and thinks everything is spam – been that way for five years.
Can I use BrandBASE for direct mail?

Yes. BrandBASE can also be used for lowvolume traditional mailings. Mass mailings above 2,000 contacts are subject to an additional usage fee and must be executed by a bonded lettershop. When you’re ready, please contact us for pricing information. We’ll customize the mailing list to meet your objectives and provide suggestions on how to make your direct mail effort a great success.

How do I access BrandBASE?

BrandBASE is a syndicated service accessible via all major browsers. Once you commence your subscription to BrandBASE, we’ll email the login instructions which includes a temporary password that will provide access to the site.

How does the license work?

The Master License for BrandBASE covers up to three users. Additional seat licenses are available and run concurrent with the Master License. RSL Communications, Inc. is licensing the information in BrandBASE. You may not share, lend, or resell the data contained in BrandBASE to others outside your company. Please refer to the Terms of Use for complete details.

How long is the subscription?

Your subscription runs for one year.

What if I forget my password?

The home page has a “Forgot Password” link. We’ll automatically email your password to you.

How much is BrandBASE?

BrandBASE is a highly specialized service – it’s not for everyone. We’d like to learn more about your particular needs to see if BrandBASE will make sense for your company. If there’s a good fit, we’ll be happy to share with you pricing and details on how we work. To take the next step, scheudule a conversation with Bob Leonard, President & Founder of RSL Communications via email or click here to get on Bob’s calendar.


Are there any discounts?

BrandBASE is a syndicated service – all of our clients pay exactly the same subscription fee and we do provide any discounts.


How do I pay for BrandBASE?

We graciously accept major credit cards.

Is there a free trial?

No, we require payment upfront either by credit card or ACH. However, if you are not satisfied with BrandBASE we will provide a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

What else can you offer to help our sales efforts?

We help sales people generate leads and get more business in the CPG industry. In addition to BrandBASE, we publish PromotionLINK, an advertiser-supported email newsletter that announces upcoming tactical promotion opportunities. Our Sales Sensei program can help your sales team craft rock-solid email copy.

We are also partnering with Prospect Link for outbound business development projects and Samurai Business Group for comprehensive sales training.

See the About Us page for details.

What's the next step?

A typical next step is a conversation with Bob Leonard, President & Founder of RSL Communications to see if BrandBASE will make sense for your sales efforts. He’ll focus on your needs to see if there’s a good fit as well as going over how we work and pricing. The conversation typically takes 30 minutes.

Contact him via email or click here to get on Bob’s calendar.