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RSL Communications help companies target the Consumer Packaged Goods industry with lead generation and sales support services.

Additional Services

Business Development

RSL Communications, Inc. is partnering with Prospect Link, LLC to help companies kick-start their lead generation effort in the CPG industry. By combining the power of BrandBASE and using a customized, highly targeted new business prospecting process, we can provide more opportunities that will grow your business.


PromotionLINK Topline

Get the word out by sponsoring our email newsletter. PromotionLINK Topline reaches over 4,000 client-side and agency marketing execs. You provide copy and a graphic – we take care of the rest.

Sales Sensei

Does your sales effort need more kick? Our quick-start sales training program can help you punch up new business rapidly. We’ll distill the essence of your business into one or two tight sentences, help identify the key “pain points” that might motivate a prospect to engage with you and craft a killer email messages. You’ll be a black belt sales person in no time. OK, enough already with martial arts metaphors – let’s get to work!


Bob Leonard

Bob Leonard

President & Founder

Bob Leonard is the President & Founder of RSL Communications. He’s also an avid photographer and lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his wife and two rescue cats.

Tracy Collins

Tracy Collins


Tracy Collins has been a researcher for RSL Communications since 2008 and enjoys learning more about the smaller, independent microbreweries and liquor companies. She lives in Arlington Heights, IL with her three children, two dogs and one cat.

Heather Kufner

Heather Kufner


Heather was previously a sales and marketing manager for a global cosmetic company, an account executive for a local newspaper and a rep for a local Fox affiliate. She lives in Fairview, TN with her husband and two children.

Cristin Murray

Cristin Murray


Cristin enjoys researching and learning about innovative brands she encounters in her own life as a consumer. She’s an avid traveler and lives in Schaumburg, IL.


Prospect Link

Most companies do not have a process for generating new business – you need the right talent, time and a dedicated process.

Prospect Link can jump-start your sales and help broaden your customer base by qualifying prospects that need your services.

Prospect Link focuses on generating quality leads and meetings, finding new clients using a customized, highly targeted new business prospecting process and provide more opportunities that will grow your business. Prospect Link does what it takes to get past gatekeepers, identify prospects, uncover needs and queue up prospects up for a close.

Contact: Tim O’Krongly, Prospect Link, (201) 572-4448 or tokrongly@prospectlink.biz.


Samurai Business Group

Samurai Business Group has created a proven sales, business development, sales management training, and coaching model – Samurai Sales Mastery.

Their proprietary coaching methods have immediate and profound effect that helps both companies and organizations increase business opportunities, shorten buying cycles, close more profitable sales and create customer evangelists. Samurai has trained and coached many professionals that have doubled their business within a year.

Contact: Bob Lambert, Samurai Sales Mastery, (312) 863-8580 or r.lambert@samuraibizgrp.com.