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The long-awaited Keurig KOLD system is now available to order on Keurig.com and will be in select retailers online and in six cities beginning in October, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York.  While shares in Keurig Green Mountain fell sharply after it unveiled the $369 price tag for the new Keurig KOLD machine in the spring, CEO Brian Kelley said purchase intent scores were high as consumers understood the value proposition. Commenting on the launch, he said the KOLD system encouraged “choice and discovery”, enabling consumers to make craft and fountain-style sodas, zero and low-calorie flavored seltzers and waters, sports hydration drinks, iced teas and – coming soon – cocktail mixers.  “The disruptive countertop-size innovation in KOLD is like nothing consumers have ever experienced – from the rapid chilling that turns room temperature water to a perfectly chilled drink at the push of a button; to the dispensing technology that produces consistently great tasting beverages; to the pod technology which enables fully carbonated beverages.  KOLD delivers game changing, on-demand variety.”  Read full post here.